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Truman Irion had six goals this weekend and 10 steals. Photo by Hugh Cox.
Truman Irion had six goals this weekend and 10 steals. Photo by Hugh Cox.

Comets go 2-2 at Dia De Los Muertos

CHULA VISTA, CA (11/2/2019) – Palomar lost 12-7 to Saddleback College in their first game of the Dia De Los Muertos Tournament hosted by Southwestern College. The Comets scored two goals in the first quarter thanks to Bryce Sammons and Kevin McCollum. McCollum found the net again in the second quarter and again in the third. Zac Lemly scored two goals in the third and Sammons scored once in the fourth. Defensively, Dalton DeSpain had 10 saves on 22 shots and recorded three steals. Matt Kraszulyak and Truman Irion had two steals and Lemly recorded three. Sammons, McCollum, Matt Corradetti and Janson Barela each had one.

In game two, the Comets faced Orange Coast College and lost 26-8. Zane Bentley and Bryce Sammons both had two goals. Kevin McCollum, Janson Barela, Rielly Gillum and Matt Corradetti each scored once. Truman Irion had three assists, as did Matt Kraszulyak. Dalton DeSpain played three quarters and had three saves on 20 shots and Luke Eder had nine goals assists and no saves. DeSpain had three steals. Bentley, Kraszulyak and Irion all had two steals while Sammons and Matt Corradetti had one.

On day two of the tournament, the Comets faced Fullerton College in their first match and won 13-12. Kevin McCollum out up four goals for the Comets and Truman Irion had three. Zane Bentley pitched in with two goals and Matt Kraszulyak, Bryce Sammons, Scott Richards and Zac Lemly all had one. Kraszulyak had six steals while Irion, Sammons, Richards, Lemly and Janson Barela all had two. Dalton DeSpain had 10 saves on 22 shots.

In their final game, Palomar defeated Santa Monic 18-12 to go 2-2 on the weekend. Kevin McCollum and Matt Corradetti each had four goals. Truman Irion and Zane Bentley had three goals each. Matt Kraszulyak, Bryce Sammons, Rielly Gillum and Zac Lemly all had one. Irion recorded four steals and Scott Richards had three. Dalton DeSpain had two steals and had 12 goals against and no saves.

The Comets move to 12-11 on the season and will be competing in the PCAC tournament this weekend. Palomar is 4-1 in conference play and is in second place behind San Diego Mesa College.